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Jude Kelly CBE - Artistic Director

Artistic Director of the Southbank Centre, the foremost centre for culture and arts in Britain, Judith (Jude) Kelly’s formidable vision and direction has transformed the institution into the dynamic embodiment of the interaction of art and community, celebrating and surpassing the founding principles laid down at The Festival of Britain.

As an award-winning theatre and artistic director, founder of Metal and, chair of national and international artistic and cultural bodies, her influence as catalyst, in the universal accessibility of culture, redefines ‘inspirational’.

As founder of WOW (Women Of The World) Festival, which raises awareness of women’s contribution and potential, her vision has realised a new world platform for revitalising the agenda of gender equality.

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Jude Kelly

Jane Wilson - Artist

British artist, Jane Wison works closely in an artistic collaboration, as a sibling duo, with sister Louise Wilson. The London-based twins and Turner Prize nominees, create artwork across the beadth of media incuding video, photography and sculpture, with their work exhibited worldwide. For this Southbank commission, Louise was, sadly, unavailable, resulting in these rare singular portraits. A serendipious opportunity to create Louise's portrait would present a lovely equipoise.

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Jane Wilson

Adolfo Arenas Alonso - Artist

Sevillian artist, Adolfo Arenas Alonso, creates exquisitely detailed decadence-themed graphite drawings, filled with allegory and drawn from human observation. Photographing Adolfo yielded a natural and multifarious harvest of portraits, many of which characterised his usage of his own reflection to initiate his drawings, together with portraits reflecting the passion and intensity he places in his art.

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Adolfo Arenas

Alter Egos

Collaborating on my first composited portrait, with Richard Rhodes, a highly creative performance artist, with alter ego characters as diverse as Forces' sweetheart, Cookie MonStar and, Australian presenter, Sheila Simmonds, was a joy! The series of images created at his home reveal creator and created persona, with the resulting portrait depicting the artist with the tools (make-up) to create his alter ego, Sheila, with whom he is symbolically present and intertwined.

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Alter Egos

The Lord Healey, CH MBE PC

Photographing Lord Denis Healey, by kind invitation, at his home, was both an honour and, a pleasing revelation. Regarded by most as a politician of undisputed gravitas and presence, I found myself received by a persona of great charm, mental acuity and tremendous humour and vigour, confounding his entry into his ninth decade. Being a keen and accomplished photographer, himself, it was doubly pleasing to share photographic discourse with him.

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Lord Healey

Jumoké Fashola

Talented vocalist, radio broadcaster, journalist and creator of Ronnie Scott's 'Jazz Verse Jukebox', Jumoké is an inspiration to meet and a joy to listen to. Her passionate energy, magical wardrobe, and contagious smile wondrously complement her dulcet vocal tones.

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Jumoke Fashola

Colin Currie and Shlomo

Internationally acclaimed British Beatboxer, Shlomo and sensational world-renowned percussionist, Colin Currie, combined their talents at The Royal Festival Hall for Southbank's 'Collision', a unique period of artist collaborations initiated by Director, Jude Kelly. These two very distinct musical artists are, happily, both in possession of great talent and charisma... in equal measure!

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Colin Currie and Shlomo

David Buckland

Artist, photographer, film-maker and stage designer, David's work is exhibited worldwide, with many works held in national collections. As Cape Farewell founder and director, David champions the usage of art to interrogate the challenges of climate change. With only ten minutes to share, these portraits at London's Royal Festival Hall for Southbank Art Collision present an allegorical reflection of his pioneering quests for the preservation of glaciers and nature, through cultural and artistic ventures.

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David Buckland

Shumon Basar - Writer & Cultural Critic

Shumon Basar's outwardly refined elegance and calm demeanour sit in splendid paradox with the relentlessly energetic persona whose repertoire and range of talents include: writer, editor, curator, director of programs, and Commissioner of the Global Art Forum. His recent work includes co-authorship of 'The Age of Earthquakes: A Guide to the Extreme Present', with Douglas Coupland and Hans Ulrich Obrist. Shumon is presently working on his novel, 'World!World!World!'.

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Jeremy Deller - Turner Prize Artist

Celebrated British artist, Turner Prize and RSA Albert Medal winner, and Southbank Artist in Residence,  Jeremy Deller represented Great Britain at the Venice Biennale with his display 'English Magic'. His work encapsulates the engagement of art with society, often blending the observational and participatory. As artist, curator, producer and director of projects, his work encompasses film; popular art; civic display; the development of a Bat House in London; historical re-enactment; musical collaboration; social parades and processions; and touring exhibitions. His most recent provocative body of work entitled 'Love is Enough', pays homage to, and links, two of his greatest artistic influences, William Morris and Andy Warhol.

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David D Gyimah - Video Journalist

The very engaging and personable, internationally award-winning David Dunkley Gyimah, epitomises the fusion of news and information transfer with technology, transforming it into a multi-faceted creative art form. Described as "one-man hurricane" and one of the UK's first video journalists, his energy and visionary approach mean he commands a range of professional roles blending all forms of media including: producer, multimedia and videojournalist, on-line magazine creator, senior lecturer and conference speaker.

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Lebogang Mashile - Poet

Described as a "visual verbalist" and "an icon of modern South African poetry", the award-winning daughter of exiled South Africans, Johannesburg-based performance poet, Lebogang Mashile, embodies the power of the spoken word. Her vivacity and sharp intellect further extend her work into the areas of author, executive producer, actress, record producer, speaker and television presenter.

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Oliver Coates - Musician & Composer

Associate of the Royal Academy of Music, recipient of numerous awards including ARAM (in recognition of distinction in the profession), and Southbank Artist in Residence, Oliver Coates combines masterly instrumental talent and dedication with passionate and vibrant performances. His work extends from solo cellist, through to chamber musician and guest principal, playing and producing classical as well as experimental variants at major established musical venues internationally.

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Anna Minton - Author & Journalist

Multi-award winning journalist, author, and Reader in Architecture at UEL, Anna Minton exemplifies the combination of a highly cultivated and sophisticated mind with a gregarious and highly affable nature. Her work spans the spectrum of reportage, as business reporter; foreign correspondent; conference speaker; regular newspaper contributor; television and radio guest, as well as being an active participant in numerous public and private advisory boards. Her first book, 'Ground Control' which examined the effects of urban planning and market influence on society, was published to great acclaim.

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Penny Woolcock - Film Director

British filmmaker, opera director, producer, screenwriter and features maker, the award-winning Penny Woolcock is regarded as one of the UK's foremost film directors "writing and directing some of the most innovative and provocative films". Her delicate frame and warm personality provide a heady contrast to the breadth and often 'edgy' subject-matter used in her work, which often touches on elements of Life at the margins of society.

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Lemn Sissay MBE - Poet & Playwright

A felicitous collaboration with Lemn Sissay, poet, playwright, and Artist in Residence at the Southbank Centre, London, generated a range of insightful portraits of the artist (see Portraiture Gallery). The British-born author and transcontinental performance poet, of Ethiopian descent, Lemn Sissay is a force of energy, engaging his audiences and readers with spellbinding literary verse.

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Lemn Sissay

Design Indaba Magazine Article

The award-winning, pioneering South African art and culture magazine, DESIGN INDABA, featured a full-page version of one of the portraits of Lemn Sissay created during our photo-shoot. The portrait accompanied their article on Lemn Sissay entitled, "Paint The Town with Poetry".

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Lemn Sissay

Royal Photographic Society (RPS):

Established in 1853, the RPS champions the progress, pursuit and standards of photography in all its varied forms, providing a forum for both photographers as well as photographic enthusiasts. As a member of the RPS with their Associate Distinction (ARPS) in Professional and Applied (Portraiture), I have enjoyed the magnanimous support and encouragement of this unique institution.

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Flora series

National Portrait Gallery (NPG)

Founded in 1856, for both the promotion of portraiture and the celebration of those individuals who have shaped the history and diverse cultural tapestry of Britain, the NPG now holds the most extensive and selective collection of portraits in the world.

Having my first studio portrait, of the celebrated and talented photographer, Michael Birt, received into the NPG's permanent collection, was a great honour.

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Photo in the NPG

Whitney McVeigh - Artist

London-based American artist, international lecturer and current Creative Research Fellow at London's University of the Arts, Whitney McVeigh's work explores the physical and psychological elements that define the human condition. I had the great pleasure of photographing this remarkably gifted artist, whose work is both richly diverse and acutely perceptive of humanity.

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Whitney McVeigh

David Gant - Actor & Model

The very versatile, and most amiable Mr. Gant, is both a professional actor working in film, theatre and television productions and, an international fashion model. Creating portraits of David was very relaxing and rewarding as he gives so readily to collaborating and experimentation.

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David Gant