Frequently Asked Questions

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Where is the photographic session undertaken?
Sessions may be undertaken at a client's premises or at a convenient hired studio location but it is best to discuss your requirements as the brief and numbers of subjects involved will often be the dictating factors.
How long does the photographic session take?
Photo sessions are kept as short as is reasonably possible, but subjects should allow a minimum of 3 hours, to include time to study and relax subject, and establish best composition.
If I have ideas can I introduce these/discuss these?
Yes. Before the shoot date, there will be the opportunity to discuss your brief and ideas for the portraiture session.
I am not sure what one should wear? Can you help?
Yes. On booking your photographic session, written 'Guidance Information' will be provided.
I like black & white imagery but might also wish for a colour portrait. Is this possible?
Yes. Images will be taken on digital media unless otherwise specified. This offers the flexibility of providing monochrome portraits and/or colour portraits.
I would like to commission a portrait of my child/children but they are at nursery/school during the week. Can I arrange a weekend session?
Yes, there is a nominal extra charge for this.
I would like to have the photographic session done at my own premises / in my own home. Is this possible?
Yes, this may be possible but, a visit, to establish if the space is appropriate or sufficient for the purposes, would need to be undertaken.
Do I have to pay for the full session and post-production work in advance?
No, final payment is due when the Client places their Order for Final Prints, but a 25% deposit is required to secure your booking for your selected session date.
What if I/the subject starts to feel unwell before the day of the session? What if I need to cancel the session?
In the unfortunate event of illness, providing reasonable notice is given, all efforts will be made to re-arrange your booking. The Photographer's Terms & Conditions, provided with Confirmation of Booking Form, provide further guidance and information.
What finish will the printed image/s be on?
Images will normally be supplied on a Fine Art matt or Fine Art semi-gloss paper.
Is the finished product archivally sound?
Yes, images are provided on quality materials using archival inks. Guidance information on the preservation of prints is provided with the finished portraits.
I would like to give the portraits as a gift. Can you help with this?
Yes. Images can be supplied in an acid-free photographic gift box as:
  • Umounted print/s
  • Mounted print/s (utilising acid free or archival quality mount materials), or
  • Framed mounted print/s.
I have a home printer. Can I have the finished image files to do my own printing?
Copyright of photographic images remains with the photographer. Duplication and/or reproduction of images in printed or electronic form, without prior written consent of the Photographer, is a breach of law and is not permitted. Please see Photographer’s Terms & Conditions for further guidance.
I like my portrait and would really like to have the liberty to use it for a range of purposes. May I have copyright of this?
Copyright remains with the photographer but the image can be licensed for usage on receipt of a licensing fee, which can either apply annually or, by other arrangement in consultation with the photographer.
May I keep the electronic/paper 'Proofs'?
Yes. Proofs of the shoot are supplied in the form of an electronic PDF, low resolution JPEGs on CD/DVD disk, or printed contact sheets, for the client to view and review. As these are proofs, it should be noted, that these will not be at the final finished quality or resolution and, as such, the electronic files are unsuited for final print production.
Can I order more prints at a later date?
Can I order differently sized prints?
If I refer you to a friend, will they get a referral discount?
Yes, genuine referrals receive a 10% discount.
I may want portraits of other party/family members later or, images taken annually? Do you offer a loyalty discount?
  • A 10% discount is received where individual sessions for sitters of the same party/family are booked at the same time;
  • A 10% discount is received where further portrait sessions, at a future date, from an existing commissioning party, are undertaken.
Loyalty discounts may not be used in conjunction with a referral discount.

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